Boardwalk Elevated Handrails


  • Improving safety on sloped roofs
  • Assisting with safe access across translucent sheets (when combined with walkways)
  • Provides safe access on plant platforms
  • Complies with safety requirements at entry / exit points of roofs
  • Minimises risk associated with falling from heights
  • Acts as mounting points for perforated screens and louvres


  • Designed and tested to 600N loadings
  • Quick, easy on-site installation using product specific componentry
  • Modular system allowing for on-site changes
  • Lightweight, high-tensile Aluminium materials
  • No need for annual certification resulting in cost savings
  • Backed by 15 Year warranty


  • Single sided handrails
  • Double sided handrails
  • Optional toe rails
  • Number of mid rails