Boardwalk Elevated Walkway


  • Gaining safe access to plant and equipment on this gauge metal roofs
  • Gaining access to difficult to reach roof areas
  • Gaining levelled access on high angled roofs
  • Spanning over translucent sheets
  • Protecting the roof against damage caused by foot traffic (denting, cracking, rubbing)


  • More than 40% better grip than alternative aluminium systems
  • Raised System - Raised by 200mm from the roof profile to allow wind, rain & debris to pass freely underneath, in turn protecting the roof.
  • Using existing roof penetrations - Integrity of existing roof structure is NOT compromised.
  • Cost effective - Eliminating costs associated with repairing dented, perforated and cracked roofs caused by people, plant & equipment.
  • All components are non-corrosive
  • Minimising excessive weight: We have the lightest walkway system in the industry. Half the weight of our closest competitors.
  • Our system uses bolts and nuts as opposed to tek screws thus eliminating any swarf on the roof.
  • Code compliant - In accordance with AS/NZS industry specifications (see technical info).
  • Proud to be 100% NZ designed, owned & operated
  • Backed by 15 Year warranty - Manufactured from premium materials and stress tested to ensure quality.


  • Walkway can be installed as either 600mm or 750mm wide
  • Can be installed in any direction on most NZ roof profiles
  • Levelled walkways available for 3°-20° roof pitches
  • Various colour options available
  • Single-sided or double-sided handrails are optional